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Lower Paxton Fire is made up of three fire companies serving PA’s 17th largest municipality. Colonial Park, Linglestown, and Paxtonia fire stations are working together to recruit new members and volunteers to keep our communities safe.

Why should I become a lower paxton fire volunteer?

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Learn new skills that suit your interests! Get hands-on experience using power tools and equipment, or take those skills to another level. Become a better leader and teammate. Support public events and work with the community.

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Support your Community

Passionate about your community? Think about what your support could do. You could be the one educating children about fire safety or helping your neighbors during their toughest times.

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Friendships in the fire service are strong and supportive. Join our Lower Paxton Fire family today.

What we provide

Free training and equipment

Tax incentives

Per-call stipends

Insurance benefits

And more!

Find Your Lower Paxton Fire Department

Wondering which Lower Paxton fire station is closest to you? See the map below. 

Click on the map and insert your address to see which station’s service area you live in.

About Us

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Colonial Park


Learn more about Colonial Park Fire Company.

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Learn more about Paxtonia Fire Company.

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Learn more about Linglestown Fire Company.

Apply to become a member. (Send application to this email address.)

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